Not Quite Right

I’m not sure why or what’s happening, but things are just not going quite right.  It all started when I started organizing.  I usually just do the things I think of doing when I think of doing them, but yesterday I put together a laundry list of household tasks that I want to complete in the next two weeks.  First tasks on my list are to get rid of my old aquarium and make some brownies for a little work function tomorrow, easy enough.  The aquarium takes up too much room and too much time to keep it clean.  I’ve neglected it for moths now but the three remaining goldfish seem to be thriving.  They’ve lived in this aquarium for almost two years now so I certainly didn’t want to kill them.  I figured I’d buy a smaller bowl to keep the fish – down size the 3 bedroom home and get them a condo.   So I found a mini-aquarium on the clearance rack at Petco for $12.49.  Perfect, I’ll set that up tonight and have the old aquarium on the curb in time for trash day.  I stopped on way home from work at the grocery store to buy ingredients for my special peanut butter caramel brownies.

I made an extra big batch of brownies so there would be plenty for everyone.  For some reason everything took a little extra long to put together.  The peanut butter caramel was loose but tasty and the chocolate wasn’t quite melting smoothly but finally the brownies were in the over and I could start on the aquarium.  The new mini-aquarium had more parts that my entire 20 gallon set up and it took me half an hour to put it together.  I filled the new tank with some water from the old one and added some clean water as well.  Some black gravel and a fake plant later and it was ready for the fish.  I caught the fish and one by one added them to their new home which they seemed to like.  Now time to break down the old set up.  I bailed enough of the water from the tank into a bucket so I could lift the tank which I could barely carry to the back porch to empty the gravel which was loaded with fish poop.  This was grosser than I had planned and now the over timer was ringing and as I looked at het brownies, a layer of oil from the peanut butter seemed to have risen to the top and needed to be mopped off.  That was also grosser than I planned.  That’s never even happened in all the years that I have been making these brownies.  Now the tank was empty and brownies out of the oven, I was ready to move the base down to the curb in hopes that some picker would take it away.  Hmmm.  The base was a lot heavier than I remembered and I can barely move it.  I’ll just put it in the hallway.  Wow, dust really built up for eight years behind the aquarium and now the room has a big empty spot.  I’ll rearrange the furniture.  Wow eight years of dust really builds up behind the sofa.  I rearrange the furniture and it seems I don’t like the room rearranged.  I’ll put it back exactly how it was.  Much better but I better end this day now.

I got up early this morning and decided to do my favorite morning yoga DVD workout.  What a great way to start the day in my freshly rearranged in the old way living room.  The workout was great.  I’ll feed my fish and get ready for the day.   Hmm.  All three fish are dead.  Shoot.  A big flush later and I’m off to work with my brownies for the work party which is on the 24th.  When I get to work, it seems that today is the 17th.  I guess I’m a week ahead of schedule and spent $12.49 and way too much time to euthanize my fish.  At least I’ve got a plate of oily brownies.  I’m not sure what the rest of the day has to offer, but I’m going to throw away my list and just do what I think of doing when I think of doing it.

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