Morning Person

I had to be at work today by 4:45 AM.  That doesn’t happen often but sometimes it’s got to be done.  I set my alarm 4:15 AM which gave me only 15 minutes to get ready so I all but slept in my work outfit.  The alarm was an unwelcome sound so early and knowing I was pressed for time, there were no snoozes to be had.  My normal 15 minute commute took only ten today without another car in sight.  It was dark and silent and wonderful.

I have always been a morning person.  I’ve been getting up before 6 since before I can remember.  As a child I would sit and watch cartoons in my pajamas alone with my cereal eagerly awaiting everyone else.  I was the first up on Christmas morning to see if Santa came.  I was the first awake on Easter and found my basket before anyone knew there was candy hidden in the house.  I was the first to read the comics on Sundays.  I couldn’t believe everyone was wasting the best part of the day asleep.  They wouldn’t even get up when I tried to wake them so they wouldn’t miss it.

My sleep pattern hasn’t changed much since I was a child although my full time day job and my nighttime second life have made sleep a precious commodity.  I crave it and enjoy it more than ever and find myself falling asleep early and stealing the occasional nap.  I’m still up first in the morning and usually around 6 but, now I don’t search for company or wake anyone up.  I savor that time.  I enjoy the quiet before the world comes to life and the everyday hustle and bustle drowns that precious time.  I sit on the porch or watch the rain through the window while I enjoy a cup of coffee.  I read that book that sits untouched most days or that article that I’ve put off for other more pressing tasks.  All is peaceful and still for that short time until the world comes alive.

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