What a Day

I woke this morning to the sound of two men talking.  I thought it was my clock radio which wakes me every morning with talk radio.  I’m not actually sure how it got on a talk radio station since it used to be on Kiss 108.  I never bothered to adjust it because it still wakes me up just in a more serious way.   I rolled over to shut it off the alarm and noticed that the time wasn’t showing, nor was it making any noise.  I realized that the conversation was happening outside my window which is strange because I live on the third floor.  After a little processing, I realized that I had no electricity and the men were on top of the utility pole outside.  I rolled over and checked the time on my cell phone which was 45 minutes later that I wanted it to be so no morning yoga, or breakfast or a shower.  After finding some reasonably clean clothes, I headed to work.

As I headed to Starbucks for my morning coffee I heard a strange beep coming from under the passenger seat.  At the stop light, I reached under the seat and found my work pager which had gone off five times between, 1:00 and 6:00 AM.  Oops.   I stopped for my coffee and headed to work, along the way getting cut off by two different people and spilling much of the coffee into my ashtray since the German’s clearly lack a skill for cup holder design in their cars.  What a day.  I get to work and check out the problem which was resolved before I arrived by the nut who sits across from me.  Echhhh.  Still, three minutes later the Help Desk czar is standing outside my cube, attitude in tow, asking me if I got paged over night.  Uggggh.  As it turns out, issue is still an issue, but not my issue which she doesn’t seem to understand. The issue needs to be resolved by someone who works for a completely different company.  I called them and told them to fixe it yet she is still staring at me.  It’s not even 9:00 am.  I’m had to use all the self restraint I have so I don’t let her know what I am really thinking at this moment because she looks like my mother and I need my job.  I hope I don’t need any more self restraint later in the day because it is gone.  A visit from my division director and another from the Czar before the problem is completely resolved but all is now calm.  I hope it stays this way.

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