The Rudeys

I live in a penthouse.  Technically, it is just the top floor of an old three family house so it’s more like an attic since, but I’m a glass half full kind of girl so I’m sticking with “Penthouse”.  It gets so hot up there in the summer that I have to walk around naked so the neighbors also call it “Penthouse”.  The first floor apartment has turned over several times since I’ve been there but so far we’ve always all lived in harmony, somewhat keeping to ourselves except for those typical meet in the hallway or driveway chats.  Every Christmas I leave plates of cookies at everyone’s door.  It’s been a lovely place to live.  Last month the first floor apartment turned over yet again and the most disruptive of all tenants have moved in, the Rudeys.

Day one included many hours of having my car blocked in the driveway by not a moving truck which would have been reasonable, but rather by a, enormous pile of empty boxes that the Rudeys placed behind my car.  That was fine since I could walk to the store and had no where pressing to be.  Eventually the boxes were moved and all was well.  Parking for the house is cramped at best but with a little strategy and basic consideration all cars can fit without bothering anyone to move a car.  The house is on a narrow side street so street parking is difficult and limited.  Fortunately for them, the Rudeys apartment has the largest parking section.   Despite my renting the penthouse, my parking section is the smallest so when my boyfriend comes over which has been from Friday through Monday for the last year and change, he parks in front of the house which has space only for two cars.  Since the Rudeys have moved in, they have parked one of their cars in that spot nine days out of ten and in the complete middle of the space so no other car can fit.  So my boyfriend parks a couple houses down now which is fine but inconvenient and unnecessary.  The Rudeys park their other car well into the adjoining spot which belongs to the other tenant who now parks into my spot.  No other tenant has ever disrupted the parking schema like this.  I can’t figure out why they can’t figure it out.  I am going to have to discuss this with them along with my two other issues.

The basement is a shared storage area without delineated sections.  I don’t have much stuff the needs to be kept down there except my bicycle which is a classic 70’s three speed Schwinn Suburban Cruiser.  I take it in and out through the basement door when I ride it.  A few days after they moved in I wanted to go for a bike ride and headed into the basement which was packed floor to ceiling with all sorts of stuff including a stack of nine beach towels and an electric drum set.  My bike was squished into a dark corner.  That’s was fine but a few days later when I went to ride again, the Rudeys had installed a dryer in front of the basement door which left only enough room between the dryer and the support pole to squeeze my bike out by pushing it single handedly from behind.  What the heck?!?!?

Once I got the bike out, I noticed a large plastic pot filled with flowers in the walkway.  The pot matches the new wicker patio furniture that I notice the Rudeys have put on the front porch.  The porch is now filled just like the basement.  Hmmm?  Maybe they are hoarders.  The walkway is the only way to get my bike out of the elevated yard without having to carry it down stairs.  Fine.  I moved the pot, which is so heavy that I could barely move it, about six inches so I could squeak by.  When I returned from my bike ride, it had been moved back.  Grrrr!  So I moved it back again only the barely noticeable six inches.  Guess what.  The next time I squeezed my bike out of the basement to go for a ride, the pot was again blocking the path.  Uhhhhg!  So I moved the pot which was moved back by the time I returned.   Now I’m convinced that my hording neighbors also have OCD and watch me move their pot through the window.

I’m going for a bike ride after work tonight and then I think it’s time for a talk with the Rudeys.

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