First Encounters

I walked down to the bookstore Friday at lunch and it’s one of those modern, soulless book stores with a coffee bar in it.  They have a good coffee and it’s a short walk so I go down there a couple times a week.  Today I noticed two people sitting next to the cream and sugar station and couldn’t help over hearing a bit of their conversation.  It was clear from the questions they were asking and answering that this was their first date.   Although I don’t know it was a date for certain, there was glint in their eyes, a visible excitement that first dates bring.  You could see the newness in their formal stance and their polite yet inquisitive chatter.  Once you know someone, those awkward nuances are lost, the edge of excitement and mystery dulled but for that first encounter, all is new and fresh.  There is nothing like those first few dates when you are getting to know each other and all is new and exciting.

I woke up Sunday in an unusual funk.  I had no energy, no ambition and no desire to do anything but crawl back into bed and sleep.  I tried everything to perk up, a nice long shower, an extra cup of coffee but couldn’t shake it.  At this point my boyfriend was up and ready to start the day.  So as he crawled out of bed, I crawled back in.  Knowing this is atypical behavior he checked to make sure everything was alright and once assured that I just felt like going back to bed he left me to rest.  After leaving me alone for just the right amount of time, he came back, crawled in beside me and asked if I was ready to start the day.  I was ready and it was easy because the awkwardness and newness of us is over and has been replaced with a comfortable, strong relationship.  Although there is nothing like those first few dates, the comfort of knowing someone knows you is even better.

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