Bad Days

I’ve been having a bad week.  Nothing catastrophic, no major life tragedies have struck and on the great scheme of things it shouldn’t even be considered bad.  It’s just been one of those weeks where I seem to be unintentionally irritating people to the point of anger and every crazy, mean and annoying person has decided to point it out to me in equally crazy, mean ways.  It started when I made a remark to a fellow in my office about his shirt.  It was a typical quip like the ordinal office banter that occurs from 9 to five Monday through Friday.  It was a Hawaiian shirt after all and he had it tucked into his pants.  I couldn’t resist.  He in return rather than remarking on my choice of outfits, as would be a typical response, decided to tell me what a bitch I was and continued to do in increasing volume and severity for 4 minutes straight while pointing his finger in my face and turning a deep shade of crimson.  He apologized a few days later, but none the less it set the stage.  Then my brother has spent the week sending me angry, berating emails about my cruel and malicious deed of asking him if he is certain that wants to get married.  It is his third engagement, will be his second marriage and since this one is a secret engagement known only to immediate family and will remain unknown to friends until after the nuptials, I felt the question to be reasonable.  He didn’t see it that way.  He is also upset that I won’t attend the wedding which is in Hawaii in 6 weeks.  He finds that selfish and is offended that I will not inconvenience myself.  I correct him noting that an “inconvenient” wedding is at the Cape in the summer, a ridiculous wedding is a secret destination wedding 5,000 miles away.  He didn’t like that either.

I decided to step back a little, take a break and go sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee. I remembered a woman I knew back in college who told me once that I wouldn’t have bad days if I had a better relationship with Jesus.  That’s a nice thought, but I doubt that if I befriended Jesus that everyday would be a picnic.  The man from work who called me a bitch claims he is a friend of Jesus’ but his life doesn’t seem to be that much fun.  He’s got some anger issues and he told me once that I will burn in hell for eternity for not accepting Jesus Christ as my savior.  That’s no picnic.  Although I don’t consider myself a formal Christian, I am a spiritual person so I thought maybe it’s just the universe pushing me a bit to see how I handle myself.  But then I thought that a universal power probably has better things to do than throw a couple crazies on my path.  After all there are millions of gallons of oil being spilled into the ocean, wars being waged across the planet and basic human decency is spiraling down the drain (have you seen the Jersey Shore or Tool Academy ?).  So I stopped thinking about it, sat back realized that bad days are just part of the game, everyone’s game.

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