Heavy Day

What a beautiful morning this was.  The golden sunlight was shining through the blinds, the breeze blowing through the window was cool and my bed was so wonderfully comfortable.  I could have laid there forever but no such luck.  The banter between Matt Segal and Billy Costa was coming through load and clear on my clock radio as 6:30 struck.  As the day started my head filled with questions like should I make coffee or stop at Starbucks? What should I wear?  Do I have anything to bring for lunch?  The day was already starting to weigh me down.  I made to work only to have an inbox full of tasks, spam and obnoxious emails from siblings.  I feel 20 pound heavier already.  As hard as I try to shake the barnacles off, life is weighing me down today and it isn’t even noon yet.  I should have stayed in bed.

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