Perception is a funny thing.  We all see the same things but interpret them differently.  A situation that one person thinks is funny, another sees as serious.  A good movie to me might be a bad one to you.  Nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong and it doesn’t really matter anyway.  Right?   What about how you see people?  For example some measure success by material possessions and monetary wealth some by other means.  Who is more successful: a monk who lives a life of poverty or a corporate bigwig who lives in a penthouse in Manhattan?  Who’s the better person?  What about the person who spends every Wednesday night visiting his mother and every Thursday morning complaining about visiting his mother or the person who never visits his mother?  What about the Christian who hates the Muslim and vice versa?  Who’s right?

Everyday in so many ways we all pass judgment on another according to our own personal standards.  We all  pass different judgments because we all have different standards.  Rich or poor, good or bad what does it matter?  Most judgments made are mere thoughts, places to file people in the database of your mind.  He’s an athlete, she’s a punk rocker, he’s smart, she’s a ding dong, but some judgments illicit stronger responses like love, rage and hatred.  War is waged and crime is committed because we pass judgment.  People are cruel and people are kind based on judgments.  Our behavior is often the result of judgment.  A friend went to a lecture by his favorite author but wouldn’t take a book to get signed or ask any questions because his wife called him a nerd.  I don’t talk about my obsession with time travel often because it makes people think I am crazy.  A friend only drives Acura cars despite his Hyundai budget because they are cooler.  We should rise above it, be stronger, believe in ourselves more.  That would only come if we stopped judging as well.  That’s  a little harder.   What would the world be like if we didn’t pass such harsh judgment?  Who would you talk to that you don’t normally?  What would you do if no one would mock you for it?  What a nice place that would be.

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