Reality Shows

I have always been intrigued by people’s choice of partners and how they came about.  I can’t be the only one interested in this since the observation of dating, relationships and the eventual marriage via reality TV show has become a national past time.  The TV shows though seem so staged, artificial and overly dramatic.  The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Blind Date, ElimiDate and all the others are filled every week with a constant stream of tears, yelling, heart ache and despair.  I don’t watch these show, instead I merely sit back and observe these things in real life.  My friends and their relationships are entertaining enough and that’s reality at its finest.

I have a friend whose wife thinks it’s perfectly normal to be a stay at home mom while your kids go to daycare yet they barely make ends meet.  I know someone who has had numerous extramarital affairs yet doesn’t know why he has a bad marriage.  Another friend only dates men of a certain financial class and doesn’t know why those men are so shallow.  I know someone who is on engagement number three and he’s keeping this one a secret.  He can’t figure out why his family is concerned.  These shows are on all the time and without commercial interruption!

There are of course those great couples who seem solid and true, almost boring and certainly not TV worthy.  Everyone thinks they are this kind of couple.  I do.  Today someone I work with said she saw me at the mall over the weekend “with someone”.  When I said replied with “That was my boyfriend.” her response was a very surprised “Oh good for you!” with the kind of impressive tone that an elderly aunt would use when you do something shockingly ordinary yet apparently unexpected like get a job, a kind of tone that made me think that she is watching my show.

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