Sunday Afternoon

It’s another lazy Sunday afternoon for me.  My show last night was canceled so I got to bed early and slept in late  What a glorious thing.  I had nothing concrete on the agenda today and that’s pretty much what I got accomplished.  I leisurely read the paper, although saved the book section for later, drank some coffee and snacked on bread sticks and watermelon which was all I could find in the house.

How I wish everyday could be this way but there is always that nagging in the back of my head telling me to get something done.  I have lots of writing to do, housework, and obviously grocery shopping to get done.  I need to do my nails, pay some bills and make some dinner.  My to do list seems endless and ever present.  Stephen Covey says  in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to schedule in your quadrant four time which is complete leisure time so you can enjoy it.  I tried but still have that nagging voice saying get something done.  So here I am checking one thing off the list.  I hope it’s not the only item for today.

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