Daily Complaint

Everyday I come in to work and plop myself down in my cubicle.  I have a check list of little item that I take care of before I start my day.  I check my email, check to see if there is a new entry on my favorite blog site and then I wait.  I make sure my coffee is hot, that all pertinent work has been checked on and then it begins.  I listen to the complaint of the day diatribe by my cubicle neighbor, and today’s did not disappoint.

This morning as my neighbor was walking back from the fitness center in his apartment complex he noticed that the bike racks were full.  Full of kid’s bikes, adult bikes and all sorts of bikes that no one is going to ride.  He can’t even figure out why people buy bikes.  No one ever ends up riding them and then they just take up space.  I ride my bicycle.  I must be the exception.  Most people just buy all this stuff that they’re never going to use and they leave it all over the place and it is a mess.   He even saw a new guy moving in and he’s pretty sure he some patio furniture in the moving truck.  What’s he going to do with patio furniture in an apartment complex?  It’s just going to take up space.

This went on for a record 12 minutes today.  I am not a major participate in these rants but rather sit silently and watch.  I watch the energy and effort involved and when it begins to die down, I ask one question:  Why do you care?  Inevitably the answer is “I don’t” and then the explanation as to why he does not care ensues.  It happens every time and I always find it equally entertaining.  I think he needs to find something more fruitful to do with his time.  Perhaps I should too.

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