I went out dressed like a weird old lady last night.  That would have been fine it was Halloween or I was going to some strange dress up party, but it was just a Wednesday night and I was going to my writing class.  It was a typical week night for me.  I went home after work, ate a couple left over chicken wings from the refrigerator, changed my clothes and hurriedly headed out.  Not much thought put into anything I did until it was too late.

It was about a ten minute walk from where I parked my car to my class and as I took the first few steps I realized what I’d done.  When I changed my clothes, I grabbed a pair of jeans from my closet and the t-shirt that was on top of the pile.  It was t-shirt that my mother had given me and out of guilt I put away instead of giving it to Goodwill.  It was cool out and I was going to throw on a sweatshirt anyway.   As I slipped into my new plaid Sperry Topsiders,  I realized that I had a few extra things to bring so I grabbed the free promotional canvas tote bag that had just come in mail that day.  I wasn’t sure why I got it and what the big embroidered logo stood for but it was big enough so I dumped the contents of my purse in, threw in a couple notebooks and a folder and went on my way.  Ooops, forgot my sweatshirt but grabbed a cardigan sweater instead.  I had my glasses on instead of my contacts because my eyes were bothering me.  It was raining so I threw my hair up in a bun and grabbed the umbrella from the back seat of my car not realizing that 2 of the spokes were broken so it drooped a bit in the back.  As I started walking, I realized what I must look like.  As individual pieces everything is fine but smattered together in such a haphazard way I just looked like a typical crazy old lady wandering through Harvard Sq.  Well, at least I was in Harvard Sq. where all fashion trends and non-trends are found.

Just then my cell phone rang and I stopped to dig through the granny bag to find it.  It was my wonderful boyfriend.  So I said to him, “I look like a crazy old lady tonight.”   He seemed to know what I meant and merely said, “Are you wearing your blue cardigan sweater?”   Apparently this is not a first time activity for me.

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