Strangely Interactive

Today has been a very nice yet odd interactive day.  I’m a private person and keep to myself most of the time although today for some reason was different.   On my way to work, I stopped at my normal Starbucks which was busier than usual, and got in line behind the lesbian couple who are also regulars.  I see them most days that I stop but have never spoken to them.  Today I was behind them in a long, slowly moving line and when they reached the front of the line, one woman decided to reload her Starbucks card.  I don’t get bothered by waiting in lines long or short, my turn will eventual come but the man behind me sighed loudly.  The one exception to my congenial attitude, of course, is the grocery store check writer but, as any sane human would agree, writing checks at the grocery store is like listening to a cassette tape in a Walkman, an antiquated way of the past that no one should be currently using. Much to the dismay of the gentleman behind me, I did uncharacteristically mention that she could load that on-line and it’s a much easier process.  She was as surprised by this as if I had suggested taking a time portal to work rather than driving.  She even questioned the Starbucks employee as to the validity of my statement and was again surprised that I was correct.  Eventually she completed her transaction and after I completed mine, we met again at the cream and sugar bar.  I told her that I wasn’t meaning to hurry her along back at the counter, but thought the info might be helpful.  She actually thanked me and shared with me her future plan for loading her Starbucks card from her credit card so she can then save up for a hotel night voucher with her credit card reward points.  It was a nice friendly way to start the day.  Little did I know it was just the beginning.

I will spare you the details of the slew of seemingly random conversations that have filled my day but topics included: an entailed history and critique of a soup restaurant in Ipswich, sink holes in Guatemala, Celiac’s Disease, the various types of batteries that exist, cheese and fluoride.  I rarely make conversation with strangers or people I know for that matter.  I’m a quiet person most of the time, some would argue that but that’s a blog for another day.  I like silence, stillness.  It’s where I am most comfortable.  Today however, people were coming at me from every angle and wanting to talk about anything and everything.  It’s been strangely delightful.   Now that my work day is coming to an end, I’m going home where, other than a phone call or two, I will spend the evening in a rejuvenating silence…until tomorrow begins again.

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