One Man’s Pain…

I was having a bad day.  I was overly tired, hungry, work was a downpour of phone calls and tedious tasks and I already encountered a couple people who were just plain mean.  All before 10 am.  I hoped it would get better and it did but in a weird way.  My boss who is a good friend of mine came by to chat for a few.  He was not looking forward to our annual employee cookout today because had to spend an hour of it doling out food.  The cook out is actually just a free hamburger or hotdog that we get to eat at our desks but they are cooked outside behind our building and we do have to go down there to get it so it is a real treat (sarcasm is too often lost in written text).  As he was complaining about this I thought how lucky he was to get to do that because to me, I told him, it sounded like fun.  He assured me it was not.  When cookout time came, passing out the food even looked like fun.  He even got to wear a bright orange t-shirt with our company logo on it.

While I was eating my hamburger in my cubicle, I got a picture message on my phone.  It was my boyfriend and he sent a picture from his car of a drawbridge that was just going up and he was stuck on the bridge.  The text along with the message merely said “Wish you were here” which was actually sarcasm.  He and I have driven over this drawbridge which is near his house a million times and never once has it gone up.  Every time we drive over it I wish out loud that it would go up.  I think it would be fun to watch a ship pass by while we patiently wait and enjoy the view of a river usually seen only as a blur from a car window.  Every time I wish this he gets a little irritated remembering wasted time spent waiting and he assure me that it would not be fun.  I wish it anyway, every time.

I realized that what makes me smile makes another frown and so it is also in reverse.  So with a simple change of perspective the day can turn around.  The tasks handed me today make the time pass faster and maybe I was just  a sounding board that the angry people needed.  My day hasn’t been so bad after all.  This is and of itself made me smile and turned my attitude around or maybe it’s because I’m not hungry anymore…that free hamburger really hit the spot, but boy I wish I was eating it in a car on a drawbridge.

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