Time Passing

I saw a friend last night, someone that it seems I have known for a lifetime.  In talking, we realized that we’ve only known each other for less than two years.  It was odd to realize that such a short time has past because most of the time, I feel like I’m going no where fast.  I feel like I am standing still while everyone and everything is moving past me.  I see little progress, little change in myself.  But then I stop and I look.  I look back at where I’ve been and am surprised at where I am.  I see how far I’ve traveled and how much I’ve seen.  I end up awed by how quickly the time has passed.  I look back and see milestones passed, goals achieved and relationships built.  I see a solid foundation on which to continue building a future, a future I look forward to and welcome with all the new challenges and changes it will bring.

Wow.  Reading this I sound so sure, so comfortable but, I am pretty sure I am not like this all the time.  I doubt anyone is.  We all have our moments of doubt and worry. It’s normal, but today I am sure of where I am and where I am going and tonight I am going to work with one of the best female comedians there is and several other amazingly funny people.  Today I am amazed at where I am.   Maybe tomorrow I’ll worry about where I’m going, but today I will just savor.

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