Memorial Day

Monday was a wonderful day.  I got up reasonable early and put my book in the basket of my new (to me) bicycle and headed down the bike path to the coffee shop.  Since it has been a few years since I’ve ridden a bike, I forgot that it takes a fraction of the time to ride somewhere that I normally walk to.  So I figured I’d ride a bit further since I was have a fun time and had only been on my bike for about 4 minutes.  After a few more minutes I realized that I was somewhat close to one of my favorite coffee shops that I would normally drive to, so I figured I’d just l keep riding.   And I did keep riding, and riding and riding because not only did I forget the difference between how long it takes to walk and ride, I also forgot the difference between driving and riding.  But alas, it was a beautiful day and so I kept going and eventually reached my destination.

I locked up my bike just off the bike path and headed to the coffee shop.  I got a cup of coffee and treated myself to a scone since I had ridden so far, and I plopped myself down at a table outside.  I’ve been here dozens of times and there have been merely a handful of passersby, but today it was unusually crowded. Soon enough all the benches and tables were filled and people were starting to sit on the curb.  Then faintly in the background of the typical street noise I heard it, the reason for the crowd.  Here comes a marching band!  What a treat, there is a parade!  As the music from the drum and bugle corps got louder, I could see the marching band approach and noticed that they were all dressed like Minutemen.  But of course they were since I was in Lexington and it was Memorial Day.

What a wonderful way to remember the soldiers of past and present and all that they do.  I am inspired by people who are willing to stand up and fight for a belief.  I don’t always agree with the means of the fight, but that day, I appreciated all I had because of all that someone else gave.

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