I Just Can’t Help It

Sometimes I can’t stop myself.  I try but I just can’t.  I remind myself not to, but I do anyway.  I mean well.  I do.  I just can’t help myself.  I see what I think the problem is and I go and tell you what it is.  I also tell you what the solution is.  It’s so clear and easy to correct.  I can’t understand why it’s an issue.

But everything is easier to see when you are looking at it from outside.  When you are inside, the problems and solutions aren’t so clear which is why we can’t see them.  You can see my issues and maybe the solutions and I can see yours but, it’s not so easy to see our own.  And nobody wants you to tell them what their problem is and certainly, then they don’t want to hear that there’s an easy solution.  Just don’t tell them.  Keep it to yourself and hope they figure it out on their own.  Maybe if you are good at hinting then you can give them hints, but if you are not, don’t.  Just stop yourself.  I didn’t, again.  Next time I’ll just keep it to myself…or at least try to.

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