More Coins in the Bucket

If you read the last blog, you know that the universe did me a favor and I need to pass it along.  So I kept my eyes open this weekend so I could pay it forward, but to no avail.  If anything my debt has grown!  As I left work on Friday, a co-worker stopped me and handed me the Avitar DVD.  He brought it in to lend me simply because he knew I wanted to see it.  Another coin in the bucket.  Saturday morning my boyfriend and I were going to pick out a new bicycle for me.  “New” is a bit misleading.  I was buying a bike from Recycled Sports ( which is a used bike store.  Derek, the man who owns the store, gets old bikes, cleans them and tunes them up and sells them.  I had been in there a few weeks earlier looking for a simple bike to scoot around town on.  It’s hit or miss and after my boyfriend scouted out the place again, he saw a few I might like.  As usual, he was right.  There was an old school, white Schwinn that was just my speed, three speeds at that.  It still had to be tuned up so I couldn’t take it just then, but my boyfriend volunteered to pick it up for me today and deliver it to me.  Sweet and now I owe him a big favor.  The general policy is at the store is to leave a deposit and pay for it all when it’s picked up.  Derek, without even being asked, waived the deposit for us which was great because I didn’t have that much cash on me and needed to be somewhere without time to stop at an ATM.  As simple as it seemed, I felt the universe dropped another coin in my bucket.  Now I had to head out to shoot a workout video for a friend’s personal trainer.  Yes, a randomly odd thing to do but I was asked to do it on Friday because the original girl in the video had to back out.  Here’s my chance to pay it back!  After 4 hours of being filmed working out, I was sweaty, tired and felt even with the world.  As I was leaving and he was thanking me, he said in return for my help, he would design and host my website which is a project I’ve just begun.  Hmmmm.  An even exchange which leaves my bucket still full.   Sunday was no less futile.  My boyfriend washed all the dinner dishes, even my share of the pans, volunteered to stop at the market for me, changed my headlight bulb and was even more of his kind and wonderful self than usual.  He even watched the series finale of Lost with me without any of the snide remarks that normally come from non-Lost fanatic people.  Now here I sit with a bucket full of coins.  I better look harder for favors to pass along or at least drop some coins in a homeless man’s cup.

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