Random Act of Kindness

I was the victim of a random act of kindness today.  I work in a hospital by day and was in the gift shop this morning in search of postage stamps.  The gift shop sells an odd array of item ranging from get well cards to movie tickets.  Oddly enough the gift shop does not sell flowers which are the number 1 selling get well gift, but I digress.  So I asked the woman at the counter if they sold postage stamps, but she said they recently stopped selling them.  Boo.  That meant a trip to the post office at lunchtime for a stamp so I could mail my rent, the only bill that I still pay the old school way with a check in the mail.  As I left the gift shop and started cruising the bake sale table in the hospital lobby a woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I only needed one stamp to mail a letter or if I was looking for a whole book, which at my rate of mailing would last me almost 2 years.  I said only one and she handed me a single stamp torn from her book.  In complete amazement at her kindness and effort, I offered her fifty cents for it which would yield her a hefty six cent profit.  She rejected the offer saying it was unnecessary and told me to buy some cookies with the money instead.  So I thanked her kindly and she disappeared into the crowd as quietly as she appeared.  Wow, not only did I get a stamp which eliminated my need to make a trip to the post office but I also got the sanction I needed to buy some cookies and spoil my diet!  Score.  Now however, since I believe life is a balance and we all must pay it forward, I should offer the same in turn to someone else.  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for someone in need.   I should have asked her if she had a spare headlight bulb in her bag so I don’t have to go to the auto parts store today.

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