I am sitting here waiting for the windshield replacement men (stereotype) to come and replace my car windshield.  There is an eight inch crack running along the bottom of the glass and it’s slowly creeping higher.  The windshield people seem to run like the cable people; they gave me a 3 hour window in which they will arrive.  In the mean time, I sit and wait at my desk and I hope it does not start to rain.  Can they do this work in the rain, I wonder.  I love my little car and vowed when I bought it, to keep it for ten years.  Although I’ve only had my car for a little over 7 years, it is starting to need repairs and I wonder if it is worth keeping.  Perhaps it is time to start shopping for a new car.  My last three cars, the only cars I’ve ever owned, have been VW Jettas and I have been very happy with the cars.  I could simply trade mine in for another but maybe it’s time for something new.

Does the type of car you have say something about the person you are?  If it does, then what kind of car should I drive?  Minivans are out since I have no kids.  A big SUV wouldn’t make much sense since I don’t have to haul around many passengers and I’m not that sporty. I’m not pretentious enough for an expensive foreign model, I hope.  I do spend a fair amount of time in my car and would like to be comfortable with plenty of room and I want to get good gas mileage so a sedan seems logical.  Sounds boring already.  Maybe if I got a red car it would be a little spicier, although statistically red cars are ticketed for speeding more often.  I do tend to drive fast; perhaps red is not a good idea.  I had a black car but it got so hot in the summer time that I won’t do that again.  I don’t like the color blue that most cars come in but silver and gray tones are nice.  Also boring.  Maybe I should buy a sports car so at least I might seem a little more exciting to the people I pass by.  I’m not actually that interested in impressing anyone.  Ultimately, I think cars are merely a way to get from here to there.  Maybe cars really do say something about you.  I guess that makes me economical, efficient and practical.  Wow.  It really might be time for a change.

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