Heartbreak Hotel

I am in the Heartbreak Hotel, literally.  I am in Memphis Tennessee and staying right across the street from Graceland itself, the holy land for Elvis lovers from all over the universe – and I mean universe.  The hotel itself is nice, clean and not as kitschy as you would think although the TV plays Elvis movies 24 hours a day and I can hear Blue Suede Shoes playing somewhere.  Perhaps they are piping in the music so you don’t forget where you are and who is being honored here.   There is funky furniture in the lobby, photos of the King scattered about and the hotel bar/restaurant is called the Jungle Room and it plays concert clips and interviews non stop on a giant screen.  Last night I stopped in for a drink and there were about 30 or so people strewn about the lounge including Elvis himself – or at least a not so attractive woman dressed like Elvis.  She looked pretty good as far as Elvis impersonators go although the sideburns were a tad too long.  Everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen.  They were in awe of the King.  I have never been a big fan but like to do things right so when in Memphis where else could I stay?

After a night night sleep, I went down to the complimentary breakfast in the Jungle room where I was overwhelmed by people, people from all over the universe, speaking an amazing array of languages.   There was even a large German man in a wheelchair with the King’s sideburns and glasses as well as his slick backed hair do.  The stranger part is that they were all adorn in Elvis t-shirts.  There was sparkly sequin Elvis, rhinestone Elvis, black and white Elvis, technicolor Elvis and even an embroidered Elvis. Amazing.

Well, I’m off to tour Graceland and see some sights although I can’t imagine seeing more colorful sights than what I saw at the breakfast buffet.

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