I’m very excited.  In a few days I’ll be starting a vacation.  I like to vacation in places I’ve never seen and do things that I’ve never done.  Rarely do I choose beach destinations or relaxing resorts or spas.  I like city vacations where there is plenty to do.  I don’t necessarily mean a busy night life filled with bars and dance clubs but rather a city rich in history or filled with museums or notable sites.  I also like cities in a beautiful surrounding area for day trips into the country.  Some of my favorite such cities include Seattle where I spent some time in Mt Rainier National Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico where desert and mountain live together and Las Vegas with easy jaunts to hike in Zion National Park and raft on the Colorado River.  I have taken beachy vacations as well, once to the Outer Banks in North Carolina which was beautiful but a one time only trip (I can only lay in sand for so many hours) and a few trips to Hawaii where beaching was a focus but could see a city and hike amazing volcano rich parks.

This trip will be a little different since there is no single destination but rather a string of places, sites and sounds mostly viewed through a car window.  Yes, I am taking a good, old fashioned road trip.  I am flying into Cheyenne, WY where I will meet a friend and we will drive back to Boston over 6 days.  Since we are both big fans of BBQ we have mapped our route to run through the heart of barbeque country – Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.  I can taste the ribs now and sweet potato pie and beans and chicken….   Oh boy, I better pack a pair of sweatpants; I sense some weight gain in my future.  In 2 days, the BBQ Chronicles begin!

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