Quality Control

It’s a gloomy day  with that kind of rain that isn’t really umbrella worthy but at the same time gets you wet and makes your hair frizzy.  I ventured out at lunch time to roam through the local Marshals where I found a wear to everything black dress for the coming summer months.  It’s one of those dresses that I can wear to work with a conservative cardigan and flats or out to dinner at night with some festive jewelry and snappy sandals.  Small details can make a big difference.   I was excited to find the dress because I like things that I can wear anywhere and will probably wear it everywhere.  The gloom of the day seemed gone so I popped into Panera next door to grab a coffee and a toffee cookie to take back to my office.  I’m usually a chocolate chip girl but today I craved something a little sweeter.

I’m inpatient sometimes and, I love cookies so at a stop light I reached into the cookie bag a broke off a piece of cookie and popped it straight into my mouth.    Hmmm…this doesn’t taste as sweet as I thought it would.  The first piece must have just been a toffee-less edge.  So I break off another little piece and, the second piece doesn’t quite taste like toffee either but there are crunchy things in it although they are not very crunchy. What kind of cookie is this?  Peanut butter?  It kind of tastes like peanut butter but a watered down drink version of a peanut butter cookie.  I certainly can’t do a thorough cookie inspection while driving so I hurry back to office to solve my cookie conundrum.

Upon arrive back at my office I immediately inspect the cookie which lo and behold has chopped peanuts baked in!  But wait, there are also toffee pieces melted on top.  And what is that??? Could it be?  It is!  An errant chocolate chip!   How many other cookies has this happened to?  Is there a crazy Panera baker seeking cookie anarchy?  Could it be, that mixed in the mainstream compliance of Panera there is a true rebel?  Although I’d like to believe there is someone out there bucking the system, more likely there is merely a lack of quality control.  The machine mixing the cookies or the one pressing them out wasn’t cleaned properly and there was merely a hybrid cookie created, a cookie lacking distinct flavor or mix in’s to belong to any one breed of cookie, a mutant, a mutt.  Now I sit, not quite satisfied with my snack.  I’m gonna go put on my new dress.

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