Culinary Mojo

Monday is here again and it’s back to the day job.  Today is a special day because I am having a chili throw down with my office nemesis.  I love food and I love to cook.  I am a very good home cook and very competitive by nature.  So when “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” started talking about his world famous chili, I couldn’t help myself and challenged him to the throw down.  Normally it wouldn’t even cross my mind that I could lose but I’ve been on a bit of a culinary losing streak.  I was in another chili contest a few weeks ago and placed eighth out of eight.  That was blow to the ego particularly since the person who placed seventh served a vegetarian white been soup without any hint of any chili of any kind.  I’m not making any excuse for that loss but the owner of the organization that held the contest won and an employee came in second, yet despite those facts, I still question my ability.  Also, I gave a friend my buffalo wing recipe and although she says she followed the recipe to a tee, her wings taste just a little better than mine.  I think I lost my culinary mojo.  I guess time will tell and so I wait…the throw down begins in 2 hours.

So close I lost 6 to 5.  Boo.

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