Crabby Karma

I am very tired today.  Being tired makes me irritable.  I am very irritable today.  I like my irritable days because it reminds me that karma is a real thing.  When I am crabby and send that out to the world, it invariably sends it right back to me.  Today has been no exception.  Every Friday I treat myself to a breakfast sandwich for making it through another corporate week, and today I needed that sandwich.   So I went to the cafeteria only to find that is was closed for a private function.  Of course it was.  Then as I was heading back to sulk at my desk, a small child ran past me leaving a trail of high pitched shrieks and cries as her father ran after her.  I like kids, but they don’t belong at work because when there are kids at work no one does any work.  That’s probably why they don’t hire kids to do work.  As the morning progressed 2 more kids appeared and all productivity ceased.  Now there are masses of people huddled around the children asking all sorts of questions that they already know the answers to.  Are you here with your daddy?  Of course since you know her daddy works here.  You didn’t go to school today?  No, since she is here and this is work.  They pay you here, they don’t pay you at school, you pay them.  The kids are cute, but I’ve got deadlines to meet and tasks to complete.  I can’t get anything done when I am being asked to play hide and seek by a 6 year old when pops her head around my cubicle wall every 4 minutes.   I would have taken the day off had I known I’d get nothing done at least I’d be sleeping and less crabby.

So I get it universe, I need to lighten up and spread cheer not petulance.  I’ll let go of it.  I’ll even go to McDonalds and get a happy meal for lunch.  That should seal the deal with the universe.

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1 Response to Crabby Karma

  1. troy says:

    Ronald, if not the Universe, will most certainly be happy 🙂

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