I bought a book of poetry today.  Poetry is my guilty pleasure or perhaps one of my guilty pleasures.  I bought it on the clearance rack for only $4.99 ($5.31 after sales tax) so I don’t have to feel too guilty.  I love poetry.  I read sonnets and psalms, limericks and haikus and everything in between.  I have shelves of poetry books by local poets as well as the great the obscure and the rebellious.   I have no favorite although admire E. E. Cummings for his blatant disregard of establishment.  I like poetry because it’s a concentration of feelings.  The stories are not long and drawn out like in novels.  There’s no time to waste on needless minutia.  Every word is essential.  Poems are a concentration of raw details of the moment.  They are the written photographs of experience.

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