I Skyped for the first time last night.  Sounds like a funny thing to do but, for those non-techie folks, Skype is essentially video conferencing.  It just adds another layer of dimension to a phone call.  My boyfriend (I don’t like that word, but for lack of better term) is away on business for a month so we thought it would be a good idea to Skype once in a while rather than just talk on the phone.   Skype isn’t an amazing discovery but it is pretty cool as a home PC user to be able to video conference so simply with a friend.  I also have a good sound system hooked to my computer so it sounds good too.  So we each set up our web cams, created Skype accounts and were ready to try it out.

So now it’s close to mid-night, I just got in from my night job and he is ending his day and settling into his hotel room.  This is a normal time for an end of day call for us.  We usually give little updates on what we’ve been doing, how work was and exchange any interesting facts or stories from the day.  It’s usually a brief exchange; we are not big phone talkers.  Now, however, there he is right on my computer and talking to me but more importantly seeing me and I am seeing him.  Hmm. “Are you drinking a beer?” is my first question and “Is that what you wore to work?” is his.   “You know I like to have a beer sometimes at night.” is his first response and, “I wear this all the time.” is mine.  And I do know he has a beer sometimes at night and he has seen what I was wearing before yet there was an element of surprise for both of us.  I guess seeing really is believing.  There were other new things realized.  I couldn’t get a glass of water without pausing the conversation and he couldn’t lay on the sofa and watch TV while pretending to listen to my stories.  When we are just chatting phone to phone there’s a freedom of movement, and activity.  I know he’s peed before while talking to me and sometimes I cook my dinner while chatting.  No more of that.

This Skype thing isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.  I don’t know what I thought it would be.  Did I think he would all of a sudden know how to juggle or do back flips and show me that over a web cam?  Well he can’t and for that matter neither can I.  I’ve acquired no new powers other than those of obvious observation.  Perhaps we should save Skype for special occasions and go back to the old fashioned cell phone to cell phone communication since  I already know what he looks like and sometime even I have to pee while I’m talking on the phone.

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