Geography Lesson

My geography skills are weak.  I didn’t realize this until I started planning a little road trip.  I have about 5 days to get from Wyoming to Massachusetts and I’d like to see as much as I can in those five days.  So before checking the map I thought about where Wyoming is and what other states are between here and there and where I’d like to go.  New Mexico is one of my favorite places and I’ve always wanted to go to Colorado.  I hear Kansas City has some of the best barbeque and Memphis is on my list and of course Nashville.  I love Chicago and hear that Cleveland rocks.  Kentucky is supposed to be beautiful and West Virginia as well.  I’ve never been Eerie Pennsylvania or Buffalo, New York.  Lots of places to see!  So now I head to the map.

I was pretty accurate in my assessment of Wyoming although didn’t realize how west it really is.  A trip to New Mexico is out of the running in my short amount of time.  Colorado is possible down since it’s directly south but, it would be more of a diversion than I have time for.  It seems Nebraska or Kansas is unavoidable as are Missouri or Iowa depending on the route.  Hmm, four states I didn’t even think of let alone think I’d have to contend with.  They are the mid-western states that are sleepy, quiet states that rank low on the excitement scale comparable to Connecticut and Rhode Island in New England.  To get to Tennessee I have to head further south than I thought and Chicago further north.  If I make it to Nashville, Kentucky is an inevitable state to pass through and I would probably choose Ohio over West Virginia.  Eerie seems to far north to reach which takes Buffalo out of the picture but Pittsburg might be along the way as well as Scranton.  Not as exciting of a trip as I thought.

So there will be no alien adventures, no Mile High City and no hot wings on this trip.  Most likely Tennessee with be the highlight with some Memphis BBQ and country music.  I’ll see some blue grass in Kentucky and the steel mills of Pennsylvania.  I’ll see the heart of the country, the places where the pledge of allegiance means something and where it’s rumored that God still blesses America before I wind up back in the hustle and bustle of Bean Town.  Hmmm, maybe Amish country is on the way….I’ll have to check the map.

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