I’m having one of those days that I just want to be alone, not one of those days where I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep, but one of those days when I just want to be in seclusion.  I’d like to be lying on the sofa with my blue blanket and reading my book with a cup of tea within reach.  I don’t want to answer the phone, check my email or even log into Facebook.  I don’t want to talk to anyone or even listen to anyone.  I want to be alone and recharge.  I want it to be quiet and still.  I like to have days like this sometimes.  I need to have days like this sometimes to refuel my social energy tank.

The problem however, is that today is not an alone day.  It’s not even 10:00 am and I’ve already had breakfast with a co-worker, been to an hour long meeting and been visited by various colleagues for the ritualistic “what are you doing this weekend?” conversation.  I even ran into someone in the bathroom who wanted to chat much longer than necessary.   Today has not been an alone day and, from what I can gauge, it is not going to get any more reclusive.  There is a group lunch planned, two more meetings and no doubt there will be enough casual conversation mixed in to fill a warehouse.  To cap it off, tonight is date night, although this is one person who I like to have around during quiet time,  but there will be no alone time for me today.  Even in the ten minutes I gave myself to write this blog I’ve ignored two phones which have resulted in the little red message light on my phone shining and beckon me to answer.  I am thankful to have a life filled with people and all sorts if interesting experiences but today, just even for a little while, I’d just like it to be quiet and still…perhaps tomorrow.

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