Earlier today, I saw a little boy, probably 5 or 6 years old, with a cute little back pack that probably had his most dear possessions inside…his little lunch or a juice box or his teddy bear.  I thought this was a lovely sight until I really processed the scene and realized that his little backpack was on little wheel and he was pulling it behind him.  The back pack couldn’t have weight more than a couple pounds and the effort it to took to pull it behind him was far greater than if he merely put it on his back like back packs were originally intended.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate wheels and even have some on my luggage which is bulky and cumbersome to carry, but a back pack is meant to be carried hence the back straps on the back pack.  Hikers carry backpack with tents, beds and a week’s worth of supplies up mountains and this little boy had to drag a teeny back pack behind him on wheels.

I couldn’t help but to think that he is being groomed to be lazy and weak.  What will happen when he goes to first grade and needs to carry a box of crayons in that back pack?  He will be unconditioned, too weak to keep up.  He might flunk first grade and never even make it to high school because the required books will be too heavy to carry.  Sure these might be extreme chance but why take the chance?  Condition your child now to carry the weight that comes with life – juice boxes, books or what have you.   Just say no to backpacks with wheels.

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