I wonder how fulfilled people are in their day jobs.  How many people make a living doing the thing that brings them the most satisfaction and enjoyment?   I am a system analyst in the information technology department of professional company.  I work with one hundred or so other people of varying talent and responsibility.  We support the company behind the scenes managing data, applications, telephones, email, Blackberries and all things technological.  There are three people here that live their job.  These are the people who call Microsoft support to give them tips, who have multiple computers in their home helping SETI  monitor space activity and whose ATM passwords are twenty-six characters long with a mix of upper and lowercase letters and numbers randomly generated my applications they wrote on their off hours for just such a task.  I’m not one of those three people.  As a little girl, never once did I say that when I grow up I want to be a system analyst.  I just sort of happened into the job and never happened out of it.  It is a good job, challenging at time and varies enough to keep me moderately interested in it. But I do not get up in the morning and eagerly head to work, nor do I stay well past the necessary time to get more work done, no need, it will be here tomorrow waiting for me.  Ninety-seven other people seem to do the same.

Although I do appreciate the good job that I have, I have other aspirations, aspirations that when they pan out will end the monotony of this daily life that is less than inspiring.  So every afternoon when I leave cubicle town, I go and pursue my other interest.  I spend as many hours if not more on this other venture not because of the monetary return, there is virtually none, but because it has become a passion, an activity that brings me pleasure and satisfaction in the mere challenge of it.  It is something that if given the option, I would spend all of my time pursuing but, alas until it is mastered and becomes a financially lucrative activity, I cannot.  I need to pay my rent, eat and survive.  I wonder though, how many of the other ninety-six people that I see every day go home to a passion, work toward a different life or perhaps this is it for them.  I hope most people make a living by doing what they love to do, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case from here and it’s a shame.

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