Life is a balance.  It all evens out…eventually.   Just today I stopped at Starbucks on my way to work to get a cup of coffee and per usual, I ordered a grande coffee in a venti cup (for those non-uppity coffee drinkers that is like ordering a medium but asking them to put it in a large cup).  I feel fairly certain that the woman working thinks that I do this as a ploy to get more coffee than I pay for when I in fact do this to save the interior of my car from having coffee spilled on it which inevitably happens when I order a grande coffee in a grande cup.  I think this because one particular woman who works at my local Starbucks, repeats my order in an obviously snide tone while giving me the hairy eyeball as if I am attempting to bilk this company out of millions of dollars 3 cents worth of coffee at a time.  Again that’s not my reasoning although it is why I take a handful of napkins every time I go in there.  Regardless, this morning as the snide woman repeated my order, she handed me the least amount of coffee legally possible to charge someone for in a venti cup.  Too tired to bother, I added 4 grains of sugar and drop of cream, shot back the coffee and left the shop.

This afternoon, in need of more coffee, I headed to the Starbucks near my office where I, per usual, ordered a grande coffee in a venti cup.  This cup was filled to brim, so much so that I had to take a sip before I could even add sugar!  See, it all balanced out – overall, I got 2 grande cups of coffee although the second one spilled all over my car.  Good thing I took all those napkins this morning.

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