For Names’ Sake

I know someone named Andrew Johnson and he is not the 17th President nor is he close to becoming one.  Every time I see him I can’t help but to think of the President and he is not even one of the flashier presidents.  I used to work for a man named Robert Wagner who was not nearly as dreamy as the actor.  My point is this:  there are certain names that have already been taken and shouldn’t be used again.  Malcom X is taken.  Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Jr., taken.  Steve Martin, taken.  Fred Flintstone, taken.  Lucille Ball, Edgar Allen Poe, John Steinbeck and Prince are also taken.  There was a Hispanic kid who used to work at Kinkos whose nametag read “Jesus”.  That name is taken in any language.  Also random words such as apple, orange and desk are already taken.  If you happen to have one of these names then you should take a nickname.  My friend goes by Andrew but could easily be called Andy and then no one would think of the president.   We will never have president named Andy.  Andy is not a presidential name.

Your name defines you and these names have already defined other people.  How is your child supposed to make a name for himself if you have already given him someone else’s?  My friend Andrew Johnson will never be the president because we’ve already had one.  Names can shape who you become.  If you name your daughter Tiffany she will never become a great physicist like Albert Einstein (name taken) but she will get asked to the prom.  Of course you can break free of your name destiny with some miraculous discovery or accomplishing a great feat.  After all who would have thought that someone named Obama would ever be president?  Certainly not Andrew Johnson – the president.

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4 Responses to For Names’ Sake

  1. troy says:

    When you think about it, a name has nothing to do with the person attached to it and everything to do with the people around him/her using it.

    Tiffany seems to be Greek for ‘Appearance of God’ …that’s probably a lot closer sounding to a President than Andrew, which from Greek simply means ‘Man.’
    How boring is that 😉

    • alittlelilly says:

      I agree that a name is how you are perceived to be and you can be something completely different. Your environment is strong though and hard to deny. If people treat you like a Eugene you will probably turn out to be a Eugene and if they treat you like a Brad you will turn out to be a Brad.

  2. troy says:

    I think, just for fun, I’m going to start treating Eugene’s like Brad’s and Brad’s like Eugene’s. That should make things interesting.

  3. alittlelilly says:

    That will wreak havoc in the already skewed social system.

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