I wish I had a cookie.  I love cookies and icecream although favor cookies simply because they are more readily accessible.  Cookies come in so many flavors and sizes and shapes so you can always find one for any occasion.  There are fancy cookies like Madeleines which I love with tea and the classic chocolate chip which I love warm with milk.  I like peanut butter cookies when I’m having them for a meal and oatmeal cookies when I’m on a health kick.  I love hermits in the winter and lemon coolers in the summer.  I eat jam thumbprints at Christmas time with decorated sugar cookies on the side and Snickerdoodles when I’m in a German mood and Biscotti when I’m feeling Italian.  I like gingerbread men when I’m feeling nostalgic and shortbread cookies when I’m feeling old and I like bar cookies when I’m feeling lazy.  I like homemade cookies the best but never turn down an Oreo when offered or an Archway Home style Cocoa cookie.  I keep a variety of cookies in my freezer for days just like this when I want to have a cookie but alas, I am at work and there are no cookies here.  What a shame.  I wish I had a cookie.

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