I like to keep things simple.  I have what I need.  So in trying to streamline, I decided to get rid of my home phone since I get about 2 calls a month on it and both are usually wrong numbers.  I will use my cell phone for all calls.  Easy enough I thought but when I called the cable company they told me that if I got rid of my telephone service my cable/internet bill would increase by $40 but if I kept the phone line my bill would decrease by $20 because I could re-bundle my current bundle plan.  Hmmm.  No sense in spending an extra $40 to not have something that I don’t use anyway plus it might come in handy if I ever loose my cell, although I don’t know how handy since no one I know has that number and I don’t actually know anyone’s number that isn’t in my cell phone contact list.  But I kept it.  The actual telephone however, is not working because it needs a new battery in the handset.  So I went to get a new battery which cost $26.  I did not buy the battery but instead bought a $10 phone that doesn’t have a battery.  Simple.  When I went to pay for it, the cashier suggested I buy the protection plan which was $13 for the $10 phone.  I just bought the phone.

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