Why do we keep pushing ourselves forward when it is so comfortable right here?  Why do we run that extra mile?  Why do we run at all when walking is perfectly fine?  I live a comfortable life.  My day job is excruciatingly boring at times but it pays the rent and offers an occasional challenge or two.  I work with some decent people and it’s close to home with free parking.  It’s a good job at which I am reasonable adept.  I could work here until I retire.  When I’m not here I love to cook and read.  I could cook and read all day if I had the time.  Sometimes I even read cookbooks.  But instead I do other things, other things that challenge me.

Twice in the last month I have been given two opportunities that require a significant effort on my part.  I could have passed on these opportunities without serious repercussion, but instead I accepted the challenges.  The first is to bake 300 cupcakes for a charity event.  Sure I love to bake, but I don’t love to bake 300 anythings at one time nor is the charity one that I feel particularly close to.  Yet I will be there with my 300 cupcakes in tow.  The second is far more of a challenge that will test me and perhaps show me what I am capable of or not capable of.

Success is of course the goal, however, even if I fall short of the mark, I will go on.  I will continue to do and be.  I will accept more challenges, take more risks and try new things even though everything is fine where I am.  I’m not sure why I keep moving when standing still seems so easy.  Perhaps I’m not standing in the right place.

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