The Commute

I headed off to work this morning and as I pulled onto the highway, I merged into a microcosm of society.   There surrounded by cars, truck and the like, I found myself amid the sea of people that make up our world.  There was the shining sports car that weaved in and out of traffic without regard for others; the driver with an endless blinker on, too timid to change lanes; and the reckless weaver who is all too unaware of where he is going.  I saw the giant over loaded truck barely rolling along and the safe, conservative driver moving steadily along at the speed limit.  I saw everyone.

This isn’t my normal daily route to work.  I can usually be found meandering the roads that twist and wind quietly through world.  I like traveling the back roads.  I like the slow, journey with an eventual destination in the distance and once reached, I like to start meandering again.  It seems sometimes that I never get anywhere but so it’s been a great journey.

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