A new person started working at my company a few weeks ago.  I like interesting people and hoped he was so I went to talk to him.  He was interesting alright.  It turns out he’s a Creationist and shared that within minutes of our meeting.  Since I appreciate different views and like discussing such with people who are open minded, I eagerly engaged in conversation about his beliefs.  After he shared the typical Creationism mantra that god created everything in a week, that the Bible is the source of all truth and the Jesus Christ is the only savior, he asked me what I believe.  I answered honestly and said I do think Jesus was a real person who was charismatic and his lesson were noble but that I don’t believe that Jesus is my savior and prefer to follow  Eastern thought when it comes to spirituality.  He immediately informed me that I would burn in hell for eternity unless I accepted Jesus as my savior and he immediately ended our discussion.  Hmmm.  Another man I work with is a devout Christian of an extreme sect and is very open about his beliefs.  I brought in a cake, devil’s food cake to be exact, and offered him a piece which he declined citing that he will have nothing to do with the devil.  This was the first exposure that I had to a religion that is anti-chocolate.

All religions are different, some restrict your diet, some have holy icons, some worship on Saturdays some on Sundays, some every day, but most religions, using the term loosely, preach the same thing in their basic forms…live a good and decent life.  That’s what people should do and if you have to go to Church every Sunday to live that way then go to church every Sunday, but I don’t think that is the path for everyone.  Religious faith can be a wonderfully comforting and beneficial part of your life, but the blind faith associated with so many religions has also been the cause of war, heinous crimes against humanity and intolerance since their inceptions.  Most religions preach acceptance but some how that gets lost in translation.  So even if I will burn in hell for eternity, which I don’t believe I will, I’ll probably see those guys there for their unwavering intolerance.

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