Blind Solidarity

I don’t believe in the pack mentality.  I don’t base my likes or dislikes on the likes and dislikes of others.  I don’t follow all the trends because they are trends, I wear what I think looks good.  I don’t eat in the restaurants; I eat in restaurants where I like the food.  I do the same with people.  I like who I like and I dislike who I dislike.

One of my friends is angry at me.  He feels justified in his anger and I respect that.  But what I don’t respect is the fact that his friends are also angry at me for no other reason than because their friend is angry at me.  These are fully grown adults not high school girls whose friend just got dumped.  Why are people so quick to jump on a band wagon that isn’t even playing their song?  I appreciate loyalty and am fiercely loyal to my friends but I do not make their causes my causes by default.  I don’t think it is right to do so.  I will believe in the things that I believe in.  You believe in the things you believe in.  Be angry at me when it’s justified and I’ll be angry at you when I should be.

There seems to be a theme of individuality to my blogs yesterday and today, so again I reiterate…be true to yourself.

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