I’m not a lucky person.  I don’t win contests.  I haven’t won the lottery.  I don’t happen into good fortune. I don’t fall into favor.  I am reasonably attractive, not beautiful.  I’m bright, not brilliant.  I’m not naturally charismatic but can be engaging.  I don’t stand in the middle but can be seen off to the side.  I don’t win big poker hands but rather grind them down slowly.  I don’t win all the battles but usually win the war.  So if I want something I don’t wait for it to be given to me, I work for it and I usually get it.

I know that everything I have, I’ve earned.  I don’t doubt my abilities, or question my profits.   I don’t ask for favors and I don’t believe I am entitled to anything.  I know my success is something I am worthy of, my achievements genuine.  I don’t question my ability and am never morally compromised.  And when I lose, I don’t walk away bitter but realize that I have to work harder.

In the greater scheme of things, I know this is for the best.  But I still occasionally buy a raffle ticket and play the lottery because maybe just once it will be my lucky day.

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