Resilient Souls

I saw a pair of blue Jays on my way to work today, a sure sign that spring is on its way.  I of course refer not to the sighting of spring birds but rather a PAIRING of spring birds.  Spring is a happy time, a time when people feel a renewed sense of energy and hope and go in search again for true love.   You will see it everywhere – the teenage grocery store clerk cautiously asking the bag boy about the school dance, the handsome stranger at Starbucks making small talk with the waiting to order a $4 cup of coffee and even the older divorcee and the post man flirting over the weekly fliers.

I do believe that love is a wonderful thing…while you are in it but how soon we forget the hurt, sadness and misery that the end of love brings.  Everyone has had a breakup of some sort – a fight with a good friend, the end of a passionate love affair or the simple drifting apart of a suitable pair.  Breakups are hard.  They are always the other person’s fault.  Never are both parties ready to part at the same time and when you are the one who is left behind the heartache can be unbearable, the tears endless.  We question or self worth, what we did wrong, why we are no longer loved.  Inevitably anger ensues.  We are angry at the other.  We despise them.  We call them terrible names and say mean things about them when merely weeks before they were the light of our life.  But alas, we eventually forget.  The line of blame becomes gray, the memories blur and even fondness for what was emerges…and then spring comes and we go in pursuit of love yet again.

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