The Snow Storm Commute Conversation

I have a limited tolerance for the snow storm commute conversation that inevitably consumes every conversation in the office the day after a storm.  All conversations begin with “It took me 2 hours to get home last night” and there will be a story about a driver who slid off the road, an accident story and a story about a crazy driver who was driving way too fast.  Every story will be the same and every story will be the same as every story told the last time it snowed.  There is no need to discuss any of this.  The topic has been covered over and over and over again.  This is New England.  We have winter here which is the season that is very cold and the season when it snows.  It snows every winter in New England.  When it snows people drive slowly.  The people who do not drive slowly slide off the road and become the topic of someone’s office conversation the next day.

And the people having this conversation for the zillionth time are people who have lived in New England for their entire lives.  And I know that because no one moves here.  Why would you?  You can’t drive anywhere in the winter without having to tell a story about it.

The commute will be the discussion topic for the entire morning and it will only shift to perhaps sports or some other mindless topic until the end of the day nears and people are preparing to head out.  Then all conversations will again begin with “Last night it took me 2 hours to get home…yada yada yada.”   So please, the next time it snows and it will there will be no need to discuss how long it took to get home.  It will take you 2 hours and you will pass someone who slid off the road and you will see an accident…yet again.

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